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The Bias Against Guns
Why Almost Everything You've Heard about Gun Control Is Wrong
By John R. Lott, Jr.
Published: March 2003
Cover of The Bias against Guns
300 pages
ISBN: 0895261146

In his bestselling classic, More Guns, Less Crime, John R. Lott, Jr., proved that guns make us safer. Now, in his stunning new book, The Bias against Guns, Lott shows how liberals bury pro-gun facts out of sheer bias against the truth.

With irrefutable evidence, Lott shoots gun critics down and gives you the information you need to win arguments with those who want to ban guns.

Praise for The Bias against Guns

"If you want the truth the anti-gunners don't want you to know... you need a copy of The Bias Against Guns." --Sean Hannity, of Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes

"John Lott's thoughtful study should be read by everyone interested in the control of violent crime, and protection against terrorism." --Vernon L. Smith, 2002 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

"John Lott's 1998 book, More Guns, Less Crime, created quite a stir among the gun-control romantics, whose expressive advocacy involves neither sound analytics nor empirical evidence. In this follow-on book, The Bias Against Guns, Lott continues the struggle, and responds to his critics, motivated by his strong conviction that analysis and evidence must, finally, win the day." --James Buchanan, 1986 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

"Another major contribution by John Lott to the evidence on the effects--good and bad--of gun-control legislation. An important supplement to his More Guns, Less Crime."--Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

"As a gun-toting rock 'n' roll star all my life, I have lived firsthand the outrageous media and Hollywood bias against good guys with guns forever. I laugh in their face. John Lott is my academic hero." --Ted Nugent, recording artist and author of Kill It & Grill It and Gods, Guns, & Rock 'n' Roll

"[Lott] marshals unimpeachable evidence on how the anti-gun crusade, driven by sins of omission and commission, might actually be costing many more lives than it saves. You'll want to have this intellectual ammunition." --Walter E. Williams, economist and syndicated columnist

"John Lott is a scholar's scholar and a writer's writer--and his book shows why. That gun ownership might bring social benefits as well as costs is a story we do not often see in the press, and Lott here explores why. With a blend of new data, evidence, and examples, he unpacks the bias against such stories in the media."--J. Mark Ramseyer, Harvard Law School professor

Instructions for Obtaining John R. Lott's Raw Data

Most of this data involves STATA 7.0 data sets. The reason for using this is that the county level data involves a much larger set of control variables than can readily be handled by other statistical packages. The data sets can be obtained by clicking on the following links which will take you to the download page:

  • Chapter 6: MVPS Paper Data
  • Chapters 7 and 8: Safe Storage, Gun Shows, Assault Weapons Data
  • Appendix 1: Crime Data 77-00 Data
  • Appendix 2: Magazine Sales Data
  • 2002 Survey on Defensive Gun Use Data
  • General Discussion of the 1997 and 2002 Surveys
  • Debate_over_Stanford_Law_Review
  • Confirming More Guns, Less Crime
  • All of the Above Sections
  • Op-ed's and comments about current topics by John Lott

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